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Issue Number 5 of The White People’s Quarterly takes us into Volume 2 and a brave new year, featuring cover art by Charlie Chisholm, who also provides the topical title piece on “The Necessity of White Spirituality.” Earnest Goodman explores identity through the works of Rudyard Kipling, and breaks down three of the famed English writer’s poems, including “The Stranger,” “Two Races,” and “The Gods of the Copybook Headings.” Spencer J. Quinn reviews the verboten, two-volume book Two Hundred Years Together by Russian writer, political prisoner, and Nobel Prize-winning author Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. We sit down for a chat with the fast-rising singer and songwriter Olivia Key. And the KosChertified Team turns the microscope on the double standards in the kosher-certification industry.

This is a dash of the talent packing the pages of the Winter/Spring 2022 issue of The White People’s Quarterly, which includes the first daunting installment of The WPQ Crossword, poetry by the widely published writer Reb Kittredge, Edward Martel, and others, the science fiction of Ger De Wit, and parts I and II of a haunting upcoming feature series by Nathanial Nelson, A Rude Awakening. Topping off the fictional side of Issue Number 5 is an introduction by the Editor to the magical world, and the truly odd critiques, of Danish children’s author Hans Christian Andersen, with a particular focus on the mind-bending story “The Tinderbox,” spotlighting what exactly it is about this work that arouses so much fear among the gatekeepers of the Western fairy tale.

Once more, we welcome back the beautiful folk art of Herrmann Radwulf, the multi-lingual talents of Dionysos Andronis, who reviews the French translation of Greg Johnson’s White Nationalist Manifesto, and writer Paul Marlais, who investigates the mystifying past and present of electromagnetic therapy (PEMF), the enigmatic QRS Corporation, and the multitude of QRS front-companies operated openly by the U.S. Department of Defense.

As always, The White People’s Quarterly is sponsored by those who stand tall for our collective interests, and proudly features ads by those who inspire and speak out openly for those who cannot, such as the White Art Collective, KosChertified,, Mighty White Soap, Co., Grandma Towler’s Tea, and new sponsor Club Sigma, all accentuated by Jason Köhne’s ongoing list of Contributors to White Wellbeing, commending those who make positive contributions to the betterment of our growing community.

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Cover art and feature by Charlie Chisholm, author and illustrator of A People Called American
Earnest Goodman
Olivia Key
Nathanial Nelson
Spencer J. Quinn, author of My Mirror Tells a Story
Antelope Hill Publishing
Reb Kittredge
Edward Martel, author of the forthcoming book Ethnopolis
Ger De Wit
Dionysos Andronis
Paul Marlais
Herrmann Radwulf
White Art Collective
Jason Köhne
Grandma Towler’s Tea
Mighty White Soap Co.
Club Sigma