The White People’s Quarterly: Vol. 1, No. 3




Issue No. 3 of The White People’s Quarterly centers on the work of Dutch/Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel, whose piece The Haymaking features as the cover art. A touching article by Helen Doe on the topic of how to maintain a happy marriage serves as the centerpiece of this exceptional issue, and Doe’s personal story about how she turned her marriage around by making conscious changes and embracing her femininity is a heartening read with valuable advice all White couples will benefit from. Also featured is a brilliantly satirical piece by returning writer Hektor Troy, a mini-Candide about a backpacking trip to a modern multicultural Europe that brings needed humor to a serious and disturbing reality. Other highlights of Issue No. 3 include a phenomenal review of Jason Köhne’s seminal book Go Free, penned by K.D., and a review of Saint-Loup’s book The Boer Attacks by Dionysos Andronis, which details some of the backstory to South Africa’s past and ongoing struggle—especially insightful and relevant given the current trends in the West. Prolific English author Sean Haughton provides an excerpt from his book Guided by Ghosts, involving a dialogue between siblings that is both mysterious and instinctual, and deals with how we talk to others about the issues we face, while two additional poems by Haughton stand in stark contrast with the light nature of the former passage and reify his stylistic range.

Our favorite music correspondent, Mama P., returns again with another fantastic Q&A, this time with “Ghost Folk” musician Hiraeth, whose distinctive style continues to evolve as she becomes an increasingly important voice and public figure for White interests. The WPQ proudly welcomes back staple Jared George, whose beautiful poetry once again adorns the pages of the magazine, along with poems by J.C. Adams, Afibjorn, Anna, and the aforementioned Sean Haughton. Bringing the issue to a formidable end is Dr. Samuel Johnson’s challenging but pivotal essay Prelude to Shakespeare, with an extended prelude to the Prelude by the Editor, who further contributes short pieces on, and presents modern analyses of, the works of the Issue’s themed artist, Pieter Bruegel, such as his paintings The Tower of Babel (1563), View of the Bay of Naples (1562), and The Fall of Icarus (c. 1555-1560). A look at The White People’s Press’ currently published and forthcoming books can also be found in this expansive issue—our longest to date—as well as ads from our friends and White-Positive sponsors like the White Art Collective, KosChertified, and WhiteDate.Net.

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