Submission guidelines


We welcome intrepid journalism and essays, short stories and literary criticism, books and reviews, and material for women and children, as well as visual art, original photography, and first-rate pieces for The White People’s Quarterly.


Submissions should be sent to, preferably in pdf or docx form, and include a short abstract with an introduction and a description of the work being submitted.


Fiction: We welcome short stories, novellas, novels, stand-alone novel excerpts, and translations. If you would like to send a longer work be sure to provide a thorough explanation of the contents, as well as highlighted excerpts that showcase your writing style.

Poetry: We are looking for long and short poems. If you would like to submit multiple pieces of poetry, please try to send them as a single file.

Nonfiction and other works: We seek a broad range of nonfiction, including but not limited to journalism, essays, reviews, literary and cultural criticism, and screenplays.

Artwork: We are looking to showcase artists of any genre, such as painting, photography, etc., both on our website and in The White People’s Quarterly. The print size for the magazine is 8.5 x 11 inches, so if you are submitting an image it must be high resolution and conform to these measurements. Feel free to provide any additional information about your artwork as well.

A final and important note: We try to keep our published materials family friendly, meaning submissions that contain vulgar, iconoclastic, or vice-ridden subject matter may find a better home elsewhere. We are also “non-political” in the sense that we do not view identity or ideology in terms of abstractions like “left” and “right,” but as representations or extensions of people and their different interests and natures. We in turn gauge material based on whether it is likely to inform, entertain, or produce positive outcomes generally for white people.