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Celebrating Western Innovation

Myths and Legends

Stories from the Western Mythological Tradition


Goethe's German Masterwork, Illustrated by Harry Clarke


The stories of Edgar Allan Poe

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The White People’s Press is a non-political and family-friendly online and print publisher and services provider established in 2018. We believe White people have the right to maintain and assert a positive shared identity, and provide a platform for writers and artists who feel the same. Our primary intent is to raise awareness of White interests and discuss in a mature and productive manner the issues most important to our collective wellbeing.

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The Editorial Team
Iron Hans

The following tale, “Der Eisenhans” (“Iron Hans” or “Iron John”) is tale number 136 from

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Printing & Distribution

Whether you need low-run digital or high-end and high-run offset printing, we have you covered. Print on demand is not publishing, and we work with experienced printers and know how to get your work out there.

Layout & Design

Writing a book is one thing; ensuring it is laid out and designed professionally is another. We work with experienced designers and artists, and resources we can tap into to take your project to the end.

Business Structuring

Setting up a pro-White business, and doing it anonymously, can be challenging. Knowing where your name pops up and how to properly form a business takes a lot of work, but we will guide you through the process.