The Story of Our People

Paul Marlais


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Children in the West are being raised in a cultural environment that teaches them to despise their history, their heritage, and themselves, and it is the duty of parents to counter that. For our children to grow up to be healthy and proud men and women, we have to provide them with the resources, tools, and messages that will enable that. The Story of Our People is a positive step in this direction, and tells the story in the title: our own. Who we are, where we come from, what our ancestors accomplished, and what we should be grateful for and strive to carry on.

Written by Paul Marlais with artwork by Russian artist Nicholas Roerich, The Story of Our People is richly aesthetic, rustic and colorful, and will stimulate the imaginations of young readers as they hear what no book in their school will allow: an uplifting tale about them. As parents, we are obligated to do everything in our power to keep our children on the right path so that they do not grow up with a negative self-identity, believing they are “privileged” and must step aside for others due to supposed past injustices. And that is the story of their people.

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August 2022







About the Author

Paul Marlais is an American writer and the author of The Reclamations and the upcoming book Empire On Trial.