How to Organize a Traditional Dance

Jeff Winston



The current postmodern, consumer-driven society in which we live has trampled on our cultural values, dismantled the environments in which we thrive, and eroded the sacred bond between our men and women. The connection between us, the men and women of the West — yes, White people — has never been worse, but it is the cornerstone of the family, society, and our civilization as a whole, and thus must be restored. One way to facilitate our reunification is by organizing traditional dances, as these will help us re-establish our social and cultural boundaries, reclaim our sovereignty, and lay the foundation from which future generations will grow.

In this book Jeff Winston, writer and founder of the White Art Collective, explains how to become an Event Organizer, bring local men and women together, and host a memorable gathering that will strengthen your community and create connections that will last a lifetime. We have to start somewhere, and politics will only get us so far, so events that celebrate our traditional music and dance culture, while providing an atmosphere that will inspire courtship and romance, is a big first step.

Jeff discusses how to plan your event by acquiring a venue, choosing a dance style, selecting appropriate music, and creating a safe and fertile environment for your guests. He also goes into detail on more challenging matters like operational security, vetting attendees, and guarding against infiltration, to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Our prosperity requires our being there. And bringing our people together through events like this will go a long way in strengthening our communal bonds, to assure we are.

Other contributors include Liv Heide, Jared George, Josh Neal, John Young.

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November 2020


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