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The Race Card

Have you ever done something seemingly normal, then had the race card thrown at you? I’m sure you have. It’s a disgusting tactic that goes hand in hand with the victim mentality and inferiority complex non-whites have been instilled with. They use it as a weapon against you, in a desperate attempt to make you feel as powerless as they do. The sad thing is that many whites fall for this ploy. They end up apologizing pathetically for who they are, even if what they are apologizing for had nothing to do with race. A white person could pick another white person to be on their team for a sporting event, and the negro would cry racism and have that white person apologizing in seconds. The race card has been pulled on me, and I’m sure it has been pulled on you as well.

Time and time again, we see white people in Hollywood and elsewhere get down on their knees and grovel for forgiveness because they were called “racist.” This happens in everyday settings such as schools, the workplace, and wherever you happen to be out and about living your regular, daily life. The fact that media portrayals so often show whites apologizing to blacks, Hispanics, and others transmits the message of what is expected and even demanded in daily life from ordinary white people. You have undoubtedly witnessed a similar situation to that which I am about to speak of: a white person is working at a grocery store and a black female walks in. She has dozens of coupons, all of which are expired or don’t work for the items in her cart. The worker informs her that, unfortunately, these coupons do not apply to her items. She starts flipping out and crying “This is racism!” The poor worker is just trying to do their job, and this female negro feels entitled to free stuff, so she uses the race card in an attempt to get what she wants. This is a weak scare tactic that somehow works on unsuspecting white victims, and these racial threats and social pressure to concede to non-whites out of fear dictate how many whites are forced to live, and this is not acceptable. We need to stand up for ourselves, and for our people, or we will have no room to complain when we demographically fade into a mocha-colored melting pot. We need to see the race card for what it is: an excuse for non-whites to get away with what has long been considered childish and unethical behavior in white societies.

When the race card failed and we refused to allow the girl to be released into their company, they of course got violent.

Recently I decided to go an entertainment venue, where nearly everyone was white. Everything was peaceful and enjoyable until we got outside and noticed a group of six blacks attempting to peel an intoxicated young white girl away from her group of friends (who were also drunk, defenseless, and unaware of their surroundings). I had encountered this girl and her friends earlier in the evening, and we all got along well, and I realized it was up to me to do something, since I had a sober mind and carry something for self-defense. I went up to the girl the blacks kept trying to lure away and tried to get her to come with me and the females I was with so that we could get her home safely. Then the race card was used against me and the other females, by the six black males. Ordinarily, regardless of race, if a young, intoxicated female is being taken away by a group of males she doesn’t know, it’s only right for one to step in and do something to stop it. Naturally, though, it is typically blacks who do this with vulnerable white females. These blacks were using the race card to try to get away with something, simple as that. When the race card failed and we refused to allow the girl to be released into their company, they of course got violent. This was out of desperation and low-impulse control, like a wild beast attempting to conceal itself in sheep’s clothing; the beast relies solely on the vacuous indemnity perceived as entitlement until it is revoked, which compels the beast to abruptly shed any shred pretense or humanity and sends it into a violent rage.

Two of the black males got in the face of myself and one of the other females and threatened to beat us up, but when we said “Try it nigger,” they instantly melted into an infantile state and demanded we apologized. We laughed and said “No, nigger,” as we drew our weapons in self-defense as a response to their increasing aggression. The two negros were pulled away by their other negro companions, and we were able to take the girl safely home. This shows how weak and fragile the negro truly is. A simple word brought them to tears and made them lose all faculty. The failure of the one feeble card they had brought them to the brink of facing legal charges for assault or being exterminated by legally in self-defense as a reaction to their aggression becoming violent. The race card is nothing more than a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card, which whites are only ever able to use in Monopoly.

We can say no to the race card, and we only grant it power by falling in line and acting as though it has any meaning whatsoever. We don’t have to play into it, nor should we—ever. Whether or not an action is caused by race or not, we don’t owe them an explanation or especially an apology. We have created the very civilizations these creatures dare to mock us in, with such a trite and empty exploitation of our altruism. We as white people need to take back our sense of sovereignty and dignity, for ourselves, for our children, and for our children’s children. The longer we let this go on, the harder it will be to take it back. All we must do is say no. Say no to the race card. Say yes to preserving a safe and autonomous future for our white brothers, sisters, and children.

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  1. A friend

    I have had the race card pulled on me. I asked a young black woman to lower her voice, as she was loudly using profanities on a cell phone, in an area that was supposed to be both cell-phone and conversation free. She immediately escalated her phone conversation, saying that some “White bitch” was “getting in her face”, and causing her a problem. I simply told her that she was in the wrong, and that there was “no need to make it racial.” She went into full chimp-out mode, ranting about White people wanting “niggers” like her “swinging from ropes in trees.” Fortunately, security came and indicated she needed to leave or be escorted out. I’m not so sure how that would play out now, just a couple of years later.

    1. Denise

      You are very polite. I’ve called niggers “niggers” to their faces. I’ve also used that noun in front of “Nice Whites” who go all Clutch the Pearls. Then I enjoy myself by reaming them out for being total idiots and hypocrites, because the White “We Are All One Race” types NEVER live ANYWHERE around niggers. Which I harp on. I don’t have a problem confronting people, and making them “uncomfortable”.

      Regarding your encounter. I would have agreed with the nigger. I would have said something like, “YOU said that because you know what you ARE” and smiled in a malicious way, and laughed in it’s face. You have to mean it though. You have to mentally project “You are a Nigger. I am your complete Superior in EVERY WAY. You will do what I SAY” – and you have to KNOW it an MEAN it. They receive information like an animal does. They’ll know it if you mean it.

  2. Kerry Owens

    Yeah , I’m not participating in that convoluted reasoning that the Left bombards us with. Just say NO to these animals ” we’re not playing” but be very aware of these people because they will more than likely feel offended and disrespected and THAT, will trigger a feeling of entitlement in them because they don’t respect anything other than a much needed ass whooping to bring them back into the realm of reality. Whites while they are still the majority better get it together ,we dont have a NAACP or a leader with big enough balls to call this out for what it is EXTORTION of whites by the other races. WAKE UP WHITEY!

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