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Whites Helping Whites

Sometimes you may feel helpless, as if you cannot possibly make an impact on your white community in a positive way. While this feeling is understandable, it is not at all true. There are countless ways you can easily help your fellow white brothers, sisters, and elders. No matter your situation, you can make a positive impact. Sure, having the funds to donate to pro-white organizations, or being on the front lines of the pro-white movement is amazing, but so is helping your people in other ways. You can positively impact your white community every day, in ways that you perhaps didn’t think of or undermined.

One way you can help is through small acts of kindness for the white folk around you. If you see your elderly white neighbor letting their lawn go, approach them and offer to do it for free. If they seem confused as to why you would do such a thing for free, just tell them that “white community matters.” If you’re in a supermarket and notice a white elder struggling to grab something high up, go out of your way to grab it for them. When they seem surprised that someone would help as everyone else walks on by, simply smile; they’ll take note that it was a fellow white person that helped them and not the others who passed them by. If you see a white brother or sister at the check-out line and they’re short a couple of dollars for whatever they’re buying, go up to the cashier and help out by paying for the rest; everyone will see that it was a kind white person who helped them. These small acts create the sense of community that we desperately need as whites, and subtle gestures are valuable for creating that bond and can be done regularly with ease.

These small acts create the sense of community that we desperately need as whites

Another way you can help your white folk is by volunteering. If you live in a white area, or close to one, you can volunteer at a shelter or food pantry. Hands are always needed at these places, and you’d be helping the greater white community. This is a good way to not only help your folk, but to get to know the most vulnerable among them. When you establish a relationship with them by seeing them on a regular basis, you can make inroads toward showing them that white community matters. These local white people, whom you would get to know over time, are people you could donate your unwanted or old things to. Instead of donating your used clothes or other items at a general drop-off area that will probably ensure they go to blacks, you could donate such things to the vulnerable whites you meet through volunteering. If you don’t have the time to volunteer, you could also just go to places where whites are in need and give your items out there directly, so you can see who will be receiving them.

White business should be your business. Do your part to shop at white-owned businesses. If you live close to a white-owned shop, skip the trip to Walmart and instead make your purchases there. For more expansive choices, look up white-positive brands through online search engines and try to shop predominately through them. Of course, this comes with boycotting any anti-white brands, such as Coca-Cola, for example. Don’t give your money to companies that donate to groups that hate you, train their white employees to be “less white,” or give in to official anti-white training practices.

One of the simplest ways to help your white community is by offering community.

One of the simplest ways to help your white community is by offering community. Befriend your white neighbors, your white coworkers, and any whites you routinely come into contact with. They don’t have to be just like you in order to befriend them; these whites could be old, young, male, female, gay, straight, Christian, Atheist, poor, rich, or have a variety of personality traits that differ from your own. What matters is coming together collectively and forming a racially conscious group that wants to not just survive, but thrive. Helping each other is how we lead the way and bring others on board, and these are merely a few things you can do to build a stronger and more cohesive white community through simple acts of kindness and initiative.

Don’t wait for a white community to form, be the catalyst in its formation.

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