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White Community Matters

All around us, the anti-white agenda is like a fog that keeps getting heavier with every passing day. The anti-white classes that are brainwashing our children, the Trojan horse in the form of “refugees” overcrowding our nations and causing vast decay and devastation, the Affirmative Action and Hate Crime laws that only protect and benefit anyone who isn’t white, are just a few of current threats we face. You can’t even turn the TV on without seeing the anti-white agenda at work. The black male character will almost always be portrayed as tough, smart, and attractive—the hero. The white male character will almost always be shown as nerdy, unattractive, dumb, weak, and undeserving of respect. The black female character is shown as strong, smart, accomplished, and better than everyone else, while the white female character will be cast as hyper-sexual or a drunk, crazy about black men, ditzy, or generally boring, with few redeeming qualities. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Even if most whites know these aren’t accurate representations, it becomes reality to our children and those who don’t know better. If you have children that were born within the past decade, this is what they have been subject to through mainstream media. Television “programming” has taken on a whole new meaning, and the anti-white agenda is now worse than it’s ever been.

There is a culture our youth are being born into that is belittling their sense of worth, making them view themselves and their families as evil, and presenting them with lies about their history, and history as a whole. They are growing up in a culture that hates them, wants them dead, provides them no safety. We know this. We are conscious of the fact that anti-white rhetoric is at an all-time high, and that the attacks against white people are increasing with each passing day. Although it is covered up to whatever degree possible, it remains difficult to hop on the internet or turn on the TV without hearing about another violent attack against white people. Many of us whites know the crime statistics, we have eyes, and by now most of us either know people who have been victims of non-white violence, or been victims ourselves.

The question is—what can we do to turn the tides within legal limits?

One thing that we should all be doing if we have kids, is homeschooling them. If we can’t do that, our next step should be finding a way to send them to schools that are majority white. A private school would be ideal, but if the funds aren’t available to send them to a private school for an entire school career, then one must consider moving to an area that is majority white, especially if they are trapped in diverse areas. Homeschooling will prevent our kids from being thrust into and becoming immersed in a culture that despises them and teaches them lies. Through homeschooling, our children will still be able to socialize with other children, if we are able to connect with other parents who share our values. By finding or starting such groups, online or off, who can come together and raise their children together, we form the basis of a community. With private schools, or even a majority-white public schools, we can at least partly mitigate many of the horrors our children would be subjected to attending non-white-majority public school.

But what will truly allow us to flourish as a people and come together is by forming our own communities, just like other races do in our countries, and all races do naturally. Blacks come together and view themselves as a community, literally calling each other “brotha” and “sista.” They congregate, regardless of their individual differences, to create large movements that further the interest of their people as a whole. This sense of togetherness is something we as whites have lost along the way, but must regain. If we can put aside our differences and come together as a community that cares about its members and is conscious of their collective identity, we can accomplish a lot more than we ever will as individuals. And if we are able to put aside our petty individual differences (e.g., religious beliefs or lack of religious beliefs, class distinctions of rich and poor, secondary identities like gay and straight, generational hang-ups like young and old, and even political affiliations), we can accomplish anything. What ultimately matters is whether we can come together as a community that cares about one another as brothers and sisters, and whether we are capable of building and maintaining that loving white community. If we can do that, we will flourish.

We can’t just keep to ourselves and expect change. We can’t just talk to the same few people who share our exact views on every matter. If we do that there is little chance that we will be able to wake up our white brothers and sisters and make the changes necessary to ensuring a positive future of our race. We need to extend a hand to whites who are excluded or seldom thought of. We are a minority in this world, and coming together will increase our chances not just of surviving, but thriving. The only way to do that, is through collective strength and will. White community matters. What can you do today that will benefit the white community tomorrow? That is the question we should ask ourselves every day.

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  1. Nicholas

    This is amazing. I agree we need to broaden the horizon with who we take in. White is white, regardless of religion or orientation or class. We are all brothers and sisters. We’re in this together just like the author says! Love how there’s a question posed at the end.

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