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The White People’s Weekly Rundown

White people are becoming increasingly conscious of themselves and their group interests due in part to the now impossible-to-ignore effects of immigration into Western countries. It’s all around us; we can’t avoid it. Salt-of-the-earth types often respond to these demographic changes with a natural, gut reaction that many, unaware of the diminished social value and general nonsensicalness of the term, classify as “racist.” Those at the more “progressive” end of the spectrum, who are more sensitive about their moral standing within the greater mainstream culture, are forced to kick into overdrive the faculties in charge of dealing with the cognitive dissonance that arises when they take such a term seriously and fear any association with it while denying internally that the reason they started having their groceries delivered was because their trips to the local supermarket felt akin to being teleported to Guadalajara.

However, another reason for this increased consciousness among white people stems from the mainstream news media’s inability to disguise their hatred toward them. And their inability to report information accurately and objectively. Or maybe their inability to disguise their hatred toward them and report information accurately and objectively without spamming them with ads and trying to make them pay for inaccurate and non-objective information related to their hatred toward them.

It’s a lot of things, really.

Winning last week’s award for the most bizarre anti-white news story is Caroline Klein and David Allan‘s piece “Robot racism? Yes, says a study showing humans’ biases extend to robots.”

From CNN:

Have you ever noticed the popularity of white robots?

You see them in films like Will Smith’s “I, Robot” and Eve from “Wall-E.” Real-life examples include Honda’s Asimo, UBTECH’s Walker, Boston Dynamics’ Atlas, and even NASA’s Valkyrie robot. All made of shiny white material. And some real-life humanoid robots are modeled after white celebrities, such as Audrey Hepburn and Scarlett Johansson.

The reason for these shades of technological white may be racism, according to new research.

Are you laughing? Don’t laugh.

Maureen Dowd

The prismatic Maureen Dowd also offered up a charming ode titled “Requiem for White Men”. In case you don’t know what the word “requiem” means, the definition is as follows:

A requiem is a religious ceremony performed for the dead.

Hm. Thank you?

From The New York Times:

Once upon a time … in America, it looked as if white men were at long last losing their tenacious grip on power.


White male privilege is out of fashion these days. Yet we are awash in nostalgia for it.


America is struggling to find a new identity with a more colorful mosaic, moving beyond our monochromatic past.

Vivid! So, many colors = mosaic and good; one color = bad, must move beyond; white = one color so bad; multiculturalism = many colors so good.

I see no flaw here.

We know for sure that America definitely isn’t fracturing under this colorful mosaic and turning into the national equivalent of a modern art calamity because multiculturalism doesn’t work.

Well, problems could arise if—no. No, never mind. Colorful multicultural mosaic good.

Dennis Prager

The political ruse is built on the notion that “liberal” and “conservative” are actual identities. Anyone can adopt them, and when you identify with a universalist abstraction first, you identify with your rooted identity second.

Or, if you are white, preferably last or not at all because that would be racist.

If you see a white person possibly becoming self-aware and drifting away from their politically based abstract identity, Dennis Prager has some tips for how to sniff them out and expose them, which he laid out last week in an article titled “How to Tell If a Trump Supporter Is Racist”.

From the National Review:

Ask any white conservative, including one who supports Trump, the following three questions:

1) Do you have more in common with, and are you personally more comfortable in the company of, a white leftist or a black conservative?

2) Would you rather have nine white leftists or nine black conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court?

3) Would you rather your child marry a black Christian conservative or a white non-Christian liberal?

A white racist would prefer the whites in each case.

Remember—you are not a white person. You are a liberal or a conservative. Those are your choices, and if you ever identify as a white person first, and especially in a positive manner, you are a bad person. The worst type of bad person. You know the word.

And finally, some bad news that whites are back in the race. Meaning the competition. There is of course no such thing as race. You are a politically based ideological abstraction—don’t forget.

From The Washington Examiner:

The births of white babies outnumbered those of minorities by a hair, according to new U.S. Census Bureau data

The bud of our renewal breaks ground.

Census had expected minorities to overtake white births, but the data shows that it hasn’t happened as fast as expected, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of the data.


“Birth rate declines were especially steep for immigrant and Hispanic women. Those two groups are among the main drivers of the nation’s demographic future, in which non-Hispanic whites [*]will[*] no longer be the majority […] By 2043 [Emphasis added].



But the word “will” has another definition:

c : the collective desire of a group

// the will of the people

. . . To, perhaps, ruin the “expectations” of others, take back their nations, and reclaim control over their destiny?

We will see.

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