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The End of “Racism”

One glorious day few alive now are likely to see, the word “racist” will carry as much weight as the word “witch” did after 1653.

For white people reading this in the future—it’s pretty nice, isn’t it? People occasionally say it—those of us stuck back here in the racist witch hunt era imagine—and you just laugh, right? Like, Really . . . did she just say that? Like your grandmother calling your pants “britches” . . . is it like that? Referring to something as “rad,” maybe?

We wouldn’t know.

No see here today, the white public at large still thinks this word means something; but not just something—they still think that being a “racist” is the worst thing in the world. We remain paralyzed by the accusation. To be it, that word, means job loss, social ostracism, and general doom.

An eye into our present, friends: an exchange that happened just the other week—old news here—when one of our congressmen, Eric Swalwell, a white guy if you can believe it, got up on the podium to confirm his piety:


Swalwell: Birtherism is racist. Saying a Mexican judge can’t be fair because of his heritage is racist. Saying immigrants from Mexico are rapists is racist. Saying there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville [don’t ask] is racist. Calling African countries ‘shithole countries’ is racist. And telling four members of this body to go home is racist.
Unknown: The gentleman will state his point of order.
Swalwell: Do you think it’s not racist? Do you think it’s not racist?
Unknown: The gentleman will suspend.
Swalwell: Is that what you’re saying right now? Mr. Collins, is it not racist to say these things?

Yeah look we know—things are bad.

White people today don’t fully understand the origin of the word:

Writes Sam Francis:

According to the second edition (1989) of the OED, the earliest known usage of the word “racism” in English occurred in a 1936 book by the American “fascist,” Lawrence Dennis, The Coming American Fascism. The second usage of the term in English that the OED records is in the title of a book originally written in German in 1933 and 1934 but translated into English and first published in 1938 – Racism by Magnus Hirschfeld, translated by Eden and Cedar Paul. Since Hirschfeld died in 1935, before the publication of Dennis’ book the following year, and had already used the word extensively in the text and title of his own book, it seems only fair to recognize him rather than Dennis as the originator of the word “racism.” In the case of the word “racist” as an adjective, the OED ascribes the first known usage to Hirschfeld himself. Who was Magnus Hirschfeld and what did he have to tell us about “racism”?

Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935) was a German-Jewish medical scientist whose major work was in the field of what came to be known as “sexology” – the scientific study of sex. Like Havelock Ellis in England and Alfred Kinsey in the United States, Hirschfeld was not only among the first to collect systematic information about sexuality but also was an apostle of sexual “liberation.” His major work was a study of homosexuality, but he also published many other books, monographs, and articles dealing with sex. He wrote a five-volume treatise on “sexology” as well as some 150 other works and helped write and produce five films on the subject.


And we still don’t understand, as you surely do, that “racism,” if it ever meant anything, refers to a natural, biological, protective, evolutionary instinct that we, as white people, were utterly insane to think we could transcend or eliminate.

We also still don’t understand that the word is being used as a moral decoy to shield the foreign tribe running our institutions.

How’d you guys deal with that problem, by the way?

[Thumb pressed to earbud] Send dispatch immediately. . . .

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  1. Rhonda

    I agree with all of this. They didn’t complain about race in the 1800s and it only became a thing with the Democrats invented the term in the 1930s like you said. One day, we will be able to move past all of this. Whites are expected to assimilate; people who act out of order are not socially good for White society.

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