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Mercury in Red

Note from the author: This poem is a Christmas poem of the same spirit and tradition of poems and works of John Pintard, Washington Irving, and Clement Clarke Moore; as well as other poems relating to the coming of a judgmental law giver on Christmas Eve. The 1662 poem by Michael Wigglesworth “The Day of Doom” retained popularity until the nineteenth century and likely influenced Clement Clark Moore (1). The poem is an expression of my belief that Santa Claus/Father Christmas is the All-Father of White people. His yearly ritual serves as a reminder to us to prepare for his return.

Mercury in Red
Mercury in Red
Sixteen drums, counter spinning, for an eight-engine sled.
Within the Mountain Strigiform
The Giant, seven workshops worn.
Crystals appeared and blood went jelly.
The Bell rang and light was born.

Mercury in Red
Mercury in Red
Anti-whites panic stricken, mindful of the day they dread.
His son with hammer dustifies.
The twins, with their master lies.
The Pentagram was penetrated.
A preview when their order dies.

Mercury in Red
Mercury in Red
Prepare frens, you better hurry, to get yourselves ahead.
His Northern hall from, sees almost all.
A list he keeps: to reward, or to maul?
Sort yourself out eh!
Square yourself away!
Closer cometh, the day he calls.

Mercury in Red
Mercury in Red
The wild hunt winds approach, when we lie within our beds.
For genocide against his kin,
naughty parties pay recompense;
as ornaments dangle from trees.
Whilst the good and worthy receive his gifts, feast, and experience his magnanimous jollity.

Mercury in Red

(1) The Battle for Christmas by Stephen Nissenbaum: Chapter 2 Revisiting “A Visit from Saint Nicholas.”

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  1. XiO

    2020 Equinox Poem
    “The Sons of Bor”

    Spring time when battle births
    Campaigns abound when Equinox around
    Battle Boars
    The Sons of Bor; the Bor men
    Big brain nibbas
    Flight capital hustlers
    Bennys in great abundance nibbas
    They got bling; gold teef, and loot, growing exponentially from 75 years past beef
    They got more juice on the street
    Back 2003, bout this time, punks tried a drive-by on the Son’s Icey south-side crib
    Punks got BTFO’d!
    Punks got thwarted electromagnetically and sheit
    In the words of Dave Homestrong, on how the Son’s will fare, the exact words he came to use

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