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It’s Okay to Exist

Have you ever heard that you’re a bad person for giving a damn about your race? If you’re white, I’m sure you have. Having white interests, pride in our race, or simply the desire to exist seem to be problematic in today’s society. You don’t have to care about race to be able to notice such a phenomenon. If you feel anything positive toward your own people, you are labeled a “white supremacist” and ostracized by your peers; sadly, even many of whom are white as well. We know the situation would be much different if you were anything but white. You could scream from the rooftops that you are a proud black man, and you’d get a round of applause from those in the streets below. But if you screamed from the rooftops that you are a proud white man, you’d probably be met with violence when you come back down. One of the numerous double standards present in the West today.

Many whites who do identify positively with their race and heritage, and care about the fate of their people, are too scared to say it, since in today’s world they could lose their job, get kicked out of school, receive death threats, or worse. If anything is evil, it’s the fact that we are being brutally censored and shamed about who we are. We teach our kids to respect and care about the issues of other races, but we fail to teach them to care about their own. Do you think any other race is going to care about our people’s issues? Today, white children who are being forced through the public school system are being brainwashed to hate themselves and put other races before their own. What other race is being taught such a suicidal way of thinking? None. This is what evil looks like; loving your race is not.

We’ve all heard that white people should hate themselves and their ancestors because of “slavery.” Well, guess what? Every race has been a slave in this world. Blacks weren’t the only ones. The term “slave” is actually derived from the word “Slav.” This is because Slavs were slaves long ago. Whites and other races have been slaves throughout history. Slavery still exists in many Middle Eastern countries, where they take blacks from Africa as slaves; do we hear blacks speaking out against Middle Easterners for this practice? Nope. And why aren’t blacks going after Jews, since they were the group that dominated the transatlantic slave trade. The “slavery” trope simply doesn’t work here as a strong-arming tactic to elicit guilt from white people.

One of the most ironic and weaponized ploys that is used against us, is that something termed “systemic” (also known as “institutional”) racism exists. This buzz-phrase simply means that there is racism embedded in our laws, institutions, workplaces, and virtually every other part of our society. What’s funny about this is that they are correct that such forms of “racism” are present in our world today, but they’re wrong about who the victims of it are. Who do hate-crime laws benefit? Do they benefit white people? The obvious answer is no. There’s no law that deems whites a protected class, while nearly every other group is proclaimed to be exactly that, and thus benefits from hate-crime laws. A black man could kill a white man and say he did it because the man was white, but he won’t get charged with a hate crime except in extremely rare cases. If a white man gets into a mere fight with a black man, however, there is a significant chance that he will be charged with a hate crime. All the prosecutor would have to do is convince the jury that this fight was racially motivated, and the white man could end up being charged with a hate crime. This qualifies as systemic racism against whites.

Another example of this double standard is rooted in the laws, policies, guidelines, and administrative practices of Affirmative Action. If you are white, this authorizes direct, institutional discrimination against you. Blacks and others are prioritized in the workplace whether or not they are more qualified for the position, receive preferential treatment on the job, and get away with things you never could. They are also accepted into colleges with lower test scores than their white competitors and often get cut slack in the classroom. The list goes on. The bottom line, though, is that you work harder than them and get the same reward or less, which is an unethical and blatantly discriminatory practice, and such practices are destroying our institutions, workplaces, schools, and so on. We should care about these injustices, and being against them is in no way evil or even unnatural. It’s healthy to point out these obvious iniquities, and to demand a more just future for our children and our race as a whole.

There are endless numbers of explicitly non-white organizations, clubs, programs, and the like; but when whites attempt to establish their own they get shut down. The United States, for example, has a Congressional Black Caucus, a Congressional Hispanic Caucus, a Congressional Asian Caucus, and several Jewish Caucuses, but there are no such caucuses for whites. In fact, it was recently mentioned that there should be a caucus that represents Anglo-Saxon interests, and it was immediately shut down. We are reminded time and again that we are inherently evil, that we should not want or receive representation or be heard in any way, that we shouldn’t even exist. It’s not us that are evil for wanting such natural things or desiring a fair shot in life; evil is on the side of those trying to stop us from having them. It’s not white supremacist, racist, or wrong in any way to want the above for ourselves. It’s absolutely normal to want to be heard, to freely assemble with whomever one wishes to, to be represented, and to simply exist. Anyone trying to tell you otherwise does not have your best interests in mind. If it’s a white person telling you that you don’t deserve these things, they are brainwashed and should probably read this article and then do some research for themselves.

Never allow them to convince you that you are evil for loving your race and wanting a better future for your people. Everyone else wants the same, so you should too. Your desires aren’t unmerited, especially in Western countries your ancestors built and established. Other countries put their sovereign interests first and have the right to decide their fate as a people, so you should speak up and demand the same in your own homeland as well. White people built Western nations, but are deeply underrepresented and mistreated by them in every way imaginable.

We have the right to fight for our interests, to have pride, and to exist.

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