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Focusing White Attention on White Issues

What if we more freely started creating attention on white issues? Imagine how quickly we could raise white awareness and harness the attention of those who do not yet understand the reality we collectively face if we could present them with mere statistics on the matter. Statistics show that whites are the biggest victims of virtually every crime possible (e.g., murder, rape, robbery, assault, etc.). In America alone, blacks makeup roughly 13% of the population but commit over 53% of all violent crime. Whites are often their victims, yet few are aware of this truth. The reason they are unaware is that when they put on CNN or almost any other mainstream news station, they see a very different reality.

They see black males engaged in violence and criminal activity being portrayed as innocent, young, upstanding men who routinely get shot by police for no reason whatsoever. They do not see stories about the 15-year-old white girl and the 26-year-old white woman who were recently violently raped and murdered by a black adult male on Facebook Live. No mainstream news station will talk of their lifeless, naked bodies lying there on a Facebook Livestream; no one will even know their names. And the moral sentiments expressed by news anchors or other mainstream personalities over supposedly unjust killings of black males by police will never be replicated for the white female minor and the white female adult raped and slain by this black adult male. Most whites will also never hear about the black adult male who recently kidnapped, raped, and then killed a white Amish teen. These stories go unreported by mainstream news channels and major online platforms, so average white people never hear about them. And stories like these happen every day.

Justo Smoker, 34, killed white Amish teen Linda Stoltzfoos, 18, as she was walking home from church in the community of Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania.

How can we better ensure these stories reach other whites? How can we force them to confront the fact that they happen every day? And, most importantly, how can we make them care?

Consider how the average white person, unaware of the things we are, views the world. Many base their interpretations of it on emotion, and not necessarily logic. We should use this as a tool to grab their attention and adjust our own methods of appealing to them by taking back the moral high ground. These are the same white people who think we are the bad people for wanting to preserve our identity. Most of them are not on our side yet because they have been inculcated with the notion that any depiction of collective white pride or positive identification of white identity is evil. This isn’t really their fault, either; blame for this lies mainly on the shoulders of mainstream media and entertainment. The media depicts white people who have a positive racial identity and care about the future of their race as backward and selfish, and in turn undeserving of any seat at the table of debate. But if we can shift the white public’s view on this, we could garner greater support from white people who would have never considered taking their own side prior. In appealing to their emotions, we can force them to confront the truth.

Every day of the week one can find an example of a local news story about a black male assaulting or raping a white female, and rarely will one find an example of a white male harming or assaulting a black female. If more white people knew that black males sexually assault and abuse white women at the high rates they do and murder whites at far higher rates than the other way around, or that police kill more whites than they do blacks, they would naturally begin questioning the mainstream narrative and their own views, which falsely insist that black males face undue prejudice and are vastly over-represented in crime statistics not because of their nature, but because of social injustice or “racism.” There are many ways one can help others challenge the lies built into mainstream narratives, and as a result, help them understand that whites who seek to preserve a peaceful future for their children aren’t so evil and crazy after all. But even if can convince them to acknowledge these facts, how do we get them to care?

One way is through flyers. If you print out flyers that list the number of black-on-white rape victims from even just the past year and put them in bathroom stalls, changing rooms at the mall, college campuses, etc., you will reach a large base of people who under typical means would never come into contact with such information. One could do the same with black-on-white murders. Write the names of those victims on the list if you have time because it will be so long that they will be forced to give it their attention. What will make it more real is when you put the victims’ pictures on the flyer along with their name, because that is a real person they have to look at, and it will appeal to their emotions. Think as if you were someone who wasn’t aware of how bad things are, or if you were once in those shoes then think about what first made you challenge your beliefs and overcome the brainwashing you were subjected to.

Befriend people who aren’t in your circle. Get to know them, and slowly expose the truth to them. We need to increase our outreach and make connections with people outside of our sphere of influence in order to spread the truth. Indeed, some won’t listen to the truth, but many will. And what ultimately matters is that we try. Even if you can only make one white person aware of what is going on, that is fantastic. That one person could then change the mind of one or many more, and so on. Go out and clean up the pro-BLM/anti-white graffiti in your town. People walk and drive by that messaging every day and get accustomed to seeing it. If it’s legal in your area, make sure the message those people see is ours instead of theirs.

There are numerous things we can do to focus white attention on white issues, but we need to think outside of the box a bit. Even if you print out this article, and leave it in places where other white people will find and see it—you are focusing white attention on white issues, which is what each one of us needs to do in whatever way we can. Start thinking about what you can do today to focus white attention on white issues for tomorrow, and make it your prerogative to reach out to those who don’t yet understand what we do. Persistent, small acts of awareness-raising outreach are what will make each tomorrow better for all of us in the end.

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  1. Bob Bruins

    The things written on this site are all too true.The media routinely engages in deceptive and inaccurate reporting with regard to black criminality and other racial issues.They give us a false view of the world that serves to incite black violence and make whites feel guilty for even existing.Many whites are so brainwashed and brow beaten that they are incapable of recognizing what is being done to their own people.Those who are aware are so fearful of being thought to be “racist” that they will think and act on race issues only implicitly.Whites must overcome this if we are to survive as a people.This means we must be explicitly and unapologetically “racist” in pursuing our collective interests.We can’t get it done by being polite and inoffensive.We shouldn’t give a flip about blacks or the other resentful losers unable to compete with whites in a white-built society;and it is not our duty to help blacks or to ally with them or reconcile with them or to compensate for their own ineptitude and irresponsibility.It is also not our duty to compensate them monetarily for the same.Our ultimate goal should be racial separation and until that happens we should not be afraid of calling out the behavior of blacks and ensuring that they,not we,are held accountable.Time for whites to be on our own side instead of on the enemy side.We should stand in solidarity with our fellow whites,not a bunch of apes with BLM t-shirts demanding whites provide them with what they can’t provide for themselves.It is our people who are under attack,not blacks.It is vital that whites understand this.

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