50 Classic Tales: The Western Folk and Fairy Tale Tradition

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50 Classic Tales: The Western Folk and Fairy Tale Tradition contains all of our favorite historical folk and fairy tales, and will help immerse both children and adults in the West’s rich history of storytelling. The fifty tales included in this compilation were carefully selected from the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Hans Christian Andersen, Aesop’s Fables, the Brothers Grimm, Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe, and others, and several stories cannot be found in other modern books due to their subject matter being deemed “politically incorrect” by publishers. Over 250 images and illustrations accompany the tales, drawing from the magical works of classic artists like Kay Nielsen, Arthur Rackham, Walter Crane, Maxfield Parrish, Edmund Dulac, Harry Clarke, Warwick Goble, Leonard Leslie Brooke, Paul Hey, Otto Kubel, Félix Lorioux, Milo Winter, Otto Speckter, Heath Robinson, and many more.

While nearly every contemporary translation of our traditional folk tales alters the text to align with an anti-white and anti-Western agenda, we are proud to offer new translations that do not conform to those narratives or modify the distinctions that make the stories part of our unique historical tradition. Ralph Manheim, Jack Zipes, and Maria Tatar are a few of the more popular modern translators, or more accurately gatekeepers, responsible for such perversions, and have intentionally excluded certain texts from their works. So-called experts like Zipes have even gone so far as to write entire books chastising many Western folk tales as “racist” to further marginalize them and pressure publishers to omit them in the hopes that they will eventually fade away. Given that the aforementioned translators are not actually of the culture from which these tales originate, their antagonism is to be expected, but the new translations and textual updates offered in 50 Classic Tales modernize the language without compromising the original meaning or bending to ideologies pushed by outsiders.

This makes 50 Classic Tales a crucial work for those who care about their heritage and wish to raise children who understand more clearly their own cultural history, by ensuring that they won’t be misled or confused by modern adaptations that portray the characters in Western folk tales as non-white or change the narrative to suit the current multicultural agenda. Parents who are mindful of these issues will not have to worry or check every detail, as 50 Classic Tales was compiled to guarantee that our children, and those to come, will be able to grow up with the wonderful stories of our collective past.

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