Europe & Diaspora, Vol. 1, No. 2

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The second issue of Europe & Diaspora continues to dive deep into the lore, legends, history, culture, and traditions of the Hyperborean Peoples. From German Goddesses who ride storms across the land, to a Hero Bear who became a legend of World War II, and even did a tour of the World Tree itself, Yggdrasil, the second issue offers the same great quality of the first and much, much more. Features include tales from German Mythology, the Origins of Groundhog Day, A Bestiary of lesser known spirits, recipes from across the land, and a short story written in the vein of old pulp novels.

Our goal continues to be to bring the traditions of old into the new, and strive further and go deeper with each issue-moving ever-forward into the upcoming era. Like the Groundhog who awakens in spring and announces a vision of the future, so too does Europe & Diaspora look ahead to a new dawn, so that we may celebrate our collective past and explore the possibilities before us. Our love for our people and culture pushes us forth, and we do our best to ensure each issue illuminates in the reader the spirit and culture our people, and allows them to connect more full with their roots and heritage. This spirit within us is one so beautiful, that we aspire to reflect that beauty onto the pages within.

Readers are certain to discover a rich and reaffirming variety of content in this new issue, and it is with great pleasure that we return this spring in order to bring it to you.

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About the Contributors

  • Ike Knosp is the Editor-in-Chief of Europe & Diaspora. He can be reached at [email protected], and found on Instagram @The_Wylder_Folk.
  • Neal Rundgren is an artist, and the Artistic Director and Designer of the magazine.
  • Find out more on their YouTube channel, Hyperborean Radio, and at
  • Managing Editor: Jeffrey “Celtic God” Coburn
  • Layout Designer: Rhiannon of the Other World
  • Other contributors include: Harald Þórvér Andersson, Hanz Hugren, Brian Filson, Eowhremm, Michael Haines, Duke Rufus, A Flemish Mom, The Nerdy Witch, Myo B., Lilja Hrvat, and Sean Kilduff.