Europe & Diaspora, Vol. 1. No. 1

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Europe & Diaspora is a magazine for peoples of European descent that includes art, essays, short stories, poetry, folk tales, recipes, and more. The creators have assembled a remarkable collection of work for their debut issue, which kicks off a unique and creative project all are certain to enjoy and find greater meaning in. The debut 2020 Yule issue explores the nature of our shared heritage, reconnects us with our roots, and reaffirms who we are as a people by highlighting the work of talented individuals who have devoted their time and energy, and in some cases their entire livelihoods, to carrying on the traditions of those who came before. With tales about the Wild Hunt, Paul Bunyan, and Snow White, showcases of leading folk artists and craftsman, and recipes from Spain to Lithuania and beyond, Editor-in Chief Ike Knosp and Artistic Director Rhiannon have put together an exceptional variety of content for the coming Yuletide and new year that will strengthen your connection to this special season, and be a lasting companion that will endure through those yet to come.

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About the Creators

Editor-in-Chief Ike Knosp can be found on Instagram at @the_antlered_one and reached via email at [email protected].