The White People’s Press is a non-political and family-friendly online and print publisher. We believe White people have the right to maintain and assert a positive shared identity, and provide a platform for writers and artists who feel the same. Our primary intent is to raise awareness of White interests and discuss in a mature and productive manner the issues most important to our collective well-being.

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Book one of the 5,000-year history of empire, and how money, merchants, and writing have evolved to create the global empire of today.

Centuries from now, a resurgent and prosperous European superstate called Ethnopolis faces crisis when a secret society attempts to subvert it from within.

An illustrated children's book about what "American values" ultimately mean, and who is ultimately responsible for their provenance.

A comprehensive collection on what it means to be a people, with essays by important figures in the White-positive sphere.

The first explicitly White-Positive illustrated children's book ever, My Mirror Tells A Story teaches White children that it is normal to be proud of themselves and their history.

The great game of man versus self takes on greater meaning in a precarious multicultural future.

How to become an Event Organizer, bring local men and women together, and host a memorable gathering that will strengthen your community and create connections that will last a lifetime.

Passing down the stories of our culture and heritage down to our children, just as they were passed down to us.

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News, Culture, & Society

Franz Kidder

Winning the Argument Now

Ed Dutton’s Race Differences in Ethnocentrism is an excellent catalyst for pro-whites looking to compete in a hostile ideological marketplace. Dutton’s argument simplified is that

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Maximilian Blastakovs

Mercury in Red

Note from the author: This poem is a Christmas poem of the same spirit and tradition of poems and works of John Pintard, Washington Irving,

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